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I'm back after bad accident and more


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Hi guys, just wanted to say it I was in an accident and it left my lips busted and I couldn’t do the testimonial videos but I’m slowly coming back again and doing the videos and soon the green screen testimonial videos. Sorry for the delay! My kids come visit my every summer for a month so I had to make some time for them too. 🙂 I miss them very much every year and this month is very special to me. So as soon as they leave I’m going to offer a BIG surprise for ALL my video gigs! Its a super duper deal that NO ONE on fiverr offers and probably can NOT offer! 🙂 I already include my audio e-book with all my gigs.

I’m also fixing a few things on my studio computer and soon will be offering professional voice over gigs too along with EXTRA bonuses!

The rest of 2014 is going to be AWESOME for all my buyers!



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