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What daily budget for AD s on Fiverr?



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1 hour ago, mkbhd_rank said:

Yeah, If you get rank on first page, I think no need to gig promotion cause gig promotion help to rank on first page and impressing clients

This is not true! And it's nice because it means nobody has to (and should) worry about ranking on the 1st page. Which seller appears on the 1st page differs per user, since it depends on factors like search history. I don't know much about these details, but it's what I've read multiple times on the forum and it just makes sense to me too. 

2 hours ago, lacroix88 said:

Hi,im a bit confused since in dashboard it is suggested to spend at least 50 USD daily.

How is it working for you ?

With regard to this, it all depends on what works for you. So I'd say experiment a bit! Look at your investments (try $20/$30 etc) and see how much revenue you gain from them. It also simply depends on what you're willing to pay for these promotions. 

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