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How to bring orders to fiverr very quickly....???


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Hi @ronyahmed027, Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

7 hours ago, ronyahmed027 said:

I'm new to fiverr, how can I get an order?

If you mention in your bio that you offer logos, please get that gig set up so that buyers can order that service from you.

For your resume designs, please include more samples of your work. You also get 2 PDFs and a video for your gig, so take advantage of those options to show what you can do. Before I had orders and a lot of reviews, my portfolio gave me credibility and convinced buyers to buy from me.

Here are some articles that may be helpful for you as you are getting started:




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3 minutes ago, prium2018 said:

If you work hard then you will get success.  

@ronyahmed027, please make sure that "working hard" is also "working smart" (not just staying busy). Here are some things that you can do to "work hard" the right way:



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