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How Buyers send photos

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Hello everyone, I’m just setting up my first gigs and they all typically involve doing some kind of image editing. I see in the buyer instructions that I cannot list an email address, so how will buyers be able to send me documents or photos for editing? Does the Fiverr message system allow for image attachments and where can I find the specs? I’m setting up a gig that would involve buyers sending 20 to 30 images for editing - how do I receive them?

Thank you for your help!

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In requierment of gig, i give a option of “Attach file” where the buyer can give me photos.but i don’t know the limit of the photos.I also want to know the answer.

limit of the photos

As long as it is less than 1Gb they can attach. If that is an issue, you can use Dropbox or a cloud storage platform - you may need to check with CS for that.

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