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Constant Freezing (Buyers Page)


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Hey! I am somewhat new to Fiverr and have been utilizing their services primarily as a buyer. I have been having a lot of issues the past couple of days with the website. It seems to freeze about 80% of the time when I click on the notifications icon (top right), or the heart icon (top right as well). I don't even know what the heart icon does because I only clicked it to test this bug. I currently use Firefox on PC.

To help any developers who may happen to see this, I do happen to have a lot of notifications as I have been working with a large number of sellers, but it certainly shouldn't warrant a freeze. Every single other notable website works perfectly. I am just asking to confirm that this is an issue on the development end of the website, not an issue with my computer. I am just surprised because otherwise, I have had a wonderful experience with the site so far.

Anybody else getting this problem? Thanks in advance...

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