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Should I delete gigs, if they have no clicks and are similar to my other gigs?


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I have been using Fiverr as a seller for 3 months. I am level 2 seller, I have 45 only 5 star reviews and 8 gigs. I was already Fiverrs Choice and 2 times promotable. My gigs hardly differ, are very similar to each other. Basically they offer the same thing.

I had only read you should create as many gigs as possible.

6 of 8 gigs have in the 2-3 months under 10 clicks and at most 1 order. 

Does it make sense for me to delete them and really only have 2-3 gigs? I have seen sellers that are on the 1st page do not have very many gigs. 

Will it affect my ranking negatively if I delete gigs now?

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