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Reason i leave my job

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When I started my work (graphic designer) I was really great at first, I thought it would work forever in that company, but not passing day was becoming increasingly more complicated, my boss bothering me more, I had less time to spend with my family, had less social life, my boss called me all the time, I could not bear this life, let me very Exhausted.

One day I decided to look for another job online, and I really did not know was that they had many opportunities to make money online, doing work from home without any problems and so could spend more time with my family and friends (which is what I want) then discovered this place and really seemed very good that you can offer your service then thought “resign from my job” I did, I asked for a loan to my family as I try to make a living with the internet and my work experiences . and I’m good here, starting a new life.

I hope I do well and support me, thanks.

Now I leave a question. they would do to improve their quality of life?

Excuse my English, I have a very low level of English and help me a bit with google translate

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@cristhianvicent Your experience is a good way to show the future for Designers,

i think we can do many many more working in freelancer way.

Welcome to fiverr a place where do you need to have a lot of patience and mantaing your mind focus to have success.

// Es una buena experiencia sobre todo para el futuro de los diseñadores en latino america donde el diseño es visto de una manera muy diferente. Quizas sea el futuro para la vida freelancer.

Bienvenido a fiverr un lugar donde necesitaras tener paciencia, constancia y mantener tu mente enfocada para tener exito



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