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How to ARS should change

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Some sellers are getting confused with the star system. Some are giving 3 stars becasue it means “satisfactory” but what really should change is the description of each star.


2 Stars = Terrible

3 Stars= Bad

4 Stars= Okay…

5 Stars= PERFECT!

If this was impletmented instead of (I dont remember the first 2) satisfactory, good, excellent, Buyers would not think satisfactory is "perfect"

The ARS is a pretty bad idea, but if the description of the stars were just changed, then maybe it wont be AS bad.

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friendbear said: Reply to @artworkking: That would be better. But Fiverr isnt budging. They arent changing the dumb ARS. So why not meet them in the middle?


To do so allows them to feel vindicated ...and... it also means we all lose.


There's no "reasonable" amount of arsenic to consume. If I get you a pound and you agree to eat half, ...well... that's not a compromise you want to make.


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