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Why I am not getting client???



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1 hour ago, sofia2568 said:

I am not getting client..

Hi @sofia2568,

I took a look at your profile and can see that your gigs are in highly competitive fields, so every detail can make or break whether a buyer decides to go with you or with another seller. Here are some possible reasons that I found after taking a look at your profile and gigs:

  • High Competition. Since you joined in September, it has only been 3-4 months. It can take that much time or longer to get your first order, especially if you are offering digital marketing services and data entry.
  • Low Credibility. If you are offering digital marketing services, buyers will want to see if you can use your marketing skills to bring business to yourself. Also, you mention years of experience, but there is nothing in your portfolio to show your years of experience. When you don't have reviews, a good portfolio can give you credibility with your buyers. I was a new seller earlier this year and my portfolio was a deciding factor for many buyers to place orders with me (even when I had few orders and reviews).
  • English Fluency. You state that you are fluent in English, yet your profile, gigs, and gig images/PDF's have MANY errors in them. For example, in just your tagline, you call yourself a digital "marketter." I suggest you proofread and fix these errors since buyers will expect perfection from someone fluent in the language. Errors in your portfolio images also turns away many buyers from buying - they don't want a digital marketer that will make mistakes on their social media channel.
  • Seller Profile & Gigs. I think you have opportunities to optimize your profile and gigs so that they are more attractive to your target buyers. In addition to upgrading your portfolio and proofreading/editing your gigs, you can also follow the tips in this article to make yourself more attractive to your buyers:


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