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Lost a legit client due to Fiverr policy

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Today I've received a message from a new client who wanted to discuss his idea and wanted to have me on meeting I've explained him that it's against Fiverr TOS. Everything was going seamlessly and apparently he was interested in my services. Meanwhile, he also send his calendly invite which I've accepted and informed him on his personal professional email. Which was visible on his calendly invite. He is a retired athlete.

Few moments later he cancelled the meeting and said he had selected someone else.

I had verified everything buyer was legit from his email and other info he provided.

I was going to do local citations for him on Eventbrite.

Pov: I think Fiverr has to give permission for meeting to new buyers like Upwork does.

Imagine how many buyers/sellers would be going through the same situation.

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@followthefundev We never wanted to do things under the table. I always research things before working on them. Everyone wants to be safe from scammers on this platform, but sometimes a quick explanation over video reduces time because everyone is busy these days and some buyers are new to Fiverr. Zoom features for Fiverr business users work great.

When I explain to my clients that it's Fiverr policy. Mostly buyers who don't know the policy and even don't take a moment to read the policy and make their own judgment and might be thinking that we are making excuses to escape the interview.

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