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When determining your revenues, do promoted concerts charge a fee or take spam messages into account?


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I recently started using Fiverr's Promotional Gigs tool, and I apologize in advance if this subject has already been addressed, but my search turned up nothing. If the solution to this question has already been provided, I may need to improve my "searching" abilities.
Anyway, I receive numerous spam texts every day (much like everyone else). I'm trying to understand how the promotional jobs are calculated and I can't help but wonder if spam messages will be taken into account. When I receive spam messages rather than job offers, will Fiverr regard this as a "click" or "lost opportunity"? What if I fail to report each one?

spam message and merely block them (as I started doing a while ago - there is too much spam to consistently report)? When I get the same old spam, will I have to pay for advertising?

I appreciate you taking the time to consider my inquiries.


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