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How does Fiverr make provisions against buyers who receive the files and still cancel and get the refund?



I have been a seller for over 2 years and recently I had 3 same experiences where after the buyer receive the files they decide that 'they just don't like it' They don't give me any explanation about what is wrong, they don't ask for revisions. I am a singer/songwriter and in my last experience the buyer just said that:' you sound really bad, I don't like it. I could sing better myself etc. and gave me no explanation about what was wrong with the file. And I have over 200 5 star reviews. It just feels so unfair that these buyers think that they can take advantage from us, sellers and from Fiverr too. And it is obvious that they can just use the audio and I wouldn't even know about it and yet they still get the refund. 

Any advice about this topic?


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I have decided to cancel, didn't have time for the conflict for 15$

and after the cancellation the buyer didn't forget to insult me. 

My question is what will Fiverr do about this? The buyer will now go order from another buyer and get away with their rude attitude and insults and my file and the money!

This is so unfair!!!


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