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What is the best way to advertise a Fiverr gig?


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Fiverr gives all new sellers a boost for two or three weeks after they first join the platform, so be sure to take advantage of this.

I looked at your profile write-up, and you could work on improving it. You say the same phrases repeatedly, which gets tiresome, and you use the word "first" three times.

As for your gig write-up, they need clarification. What service are you selling? Are you selling ads or videos? If you are selling both, you need a gig for each service.  

Your gig video was done nicely and clarified my questions about your services. It would be helpful for you to rewrite your gig description, so it is as clear about your services as your video.

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There is no guarantee way/method to get your gig in first page.

even if you see your gig in first page, your gig may go to last page in a sec.

Fiverr Algorithm controls everything depending on your gig value.

But the good news is they roll it again and you have chances again and again to get the orders.

Best of luck.

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