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Buyer Wanted Help for a Scam


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I've been doing a translation and transcription(subtitling) service, and have had a client present me with a series of 5 YouTube videos to translate and subtitle. It was an interview by a Zen priest with some lady who taught breathing techniques.

As I worked through the videos, the lady starts talking about how she had health problems such as arthritis, dizziness, sluggishness, nausea, and a series of other problems totaling around 20, which she solved all through breathing techniques! In the 5th video, she even claimed she got rid of 2 tumors on her uterus by doing breathing techniques and imagining them washing away... She then promoted her breathing classes and her book about it!

I eventually canceled the order myself. I probably get screwed on search results but whatever. I don't think fiverr will do anything to help me anyway. I sure blocked them though.

This was also after I gave them my standard rate and they tried to negotiate with me from $450 to $200... lol

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