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What is the most original/creative gig you ever came across?


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You mean gig as in a Fiverr Gig, or gig as in an individual job? The era of strange Gigs is mostly over, though you can still find stories about them in the forums if you go back several years.

Individual jobs, though... I got to draw a character mash-up for someone who wanted it as a reference to make a cross-over cosplay. That was a lot of fun. As for standing out from competition, when Buyer's Requests were still a thing, I earned the attention of several by showing genuine interest in their project. My favorite of those, the Buyer stated that they specifically chose me because the opening line of my offer was "You had me at 'edgy anime dogs'." Basically, I connected with their vision.

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When I first started on Fiverr, back in the old days, I hadn't really figured out my niche, so I was tossing out all kinds of lines to see how I could get a bite. I'm a good writer, so I thought I might like to do some editing or beta reading, but the market was already pretty full. And I already knew that I didn't really care for being critical (serious personality flaw) and also that a lot of people out there don't want criticism anyway. So I created a gig for beta reading that was exclusively encouraging. I read people's stories and told them what I LIKED, what was working for me, my positive impressions. It was surprisingly popular. Most gigs were advertising for their editing to be very critical, or thorough. I was the only person at the time specifically marketing myself in that category as… nice.

Unfortunately I quickly realized that beta reading is NOT for me.. With my weird brain, some work just becomes impossible for me to keep doing after a few repeats of it. Happily I was trying other things and over time found things I enjoy enough to do endlessly that people like to pay me for. I do still have that gig but it's been paused for like 7 years now. 

Another fun gig I had in Ye Olden Days was a Comic Book Styled Business card. It was cute, but way too niche. I think I sold like maybe two of them?

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