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My Fiverr Seller of the Week


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Seller of the Week 15th Jan 2013 // Draculafetus


Hey folks,


Each week I'm going to put a bit back into the community and buy a fellow Fiverr sellers gig and promote it here in this thread.


So to kick off this week I am featuring the awesome British Illustrator @Draculafetus


This guy creates visually striking, cool drawings of anything you want in his own unique style. I had the pleasure of firing a quick order over this week and personally I loved the way he represented what I sent him (See attached) Yes, that good looking chap is me alright ;) , defiantly recommend him if you're looking for something a bit different, you can find his gig page at http://fiverr.com/draculafetus/draw-anything-you-want head over there and check out his portfolio and maybe order a gig or two.


I'm on the look out for new and exciting gigs to feature in next weeks post that will drop on 22nd Jan, at the minute I am only looking for visual related gigs such as design etc that can be showcased drop me a message so I can check out your gigs.


Bye for now :)



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Seller of the Week 22nd Jan 2013 // Marvelheads

Awesome, so my seller of the week for next week goes to @Marvelheads I'm not going to be about much in the week so posting it now, Marvelheads is an illustrator from Peru and I think he is awesome.


He draws the cutest little images of pretty much anyone you want in his style. I recently bought his gig: http://fiverr.com/marvelheads/illustrate-2-persons-of-your-choice-in-this-style and asked him to illustrate my two young boys the result is attached below !


They're mega happy with it and so am I!


Currently he has 4 gigs up in total and is one of Fiverr's Top Rated Sellers, go ahead and check him out and maybe order a gig or two from him : http://fiverr.com/marvelheads



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