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I created the account on Fiverr in 2020 but I posted the first gig in 2022. Will it affect my ranking?


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I registered my account in 2020 when I wanted to work as a copywriter. But then my goals changed, so I returned to this website in 2022 to work as an illustrator. 
Almost a month has passed since I've created my first gig here. Recently I have created the other gigs.
I studied the tips for sellers, watched some videos and tried to improve my gigs. However, I am not getting orders yet. 
Can you please tell me whether the registration date can influence the promotion of my gigs or maybe the problems are lack of optimization, poor description, quality of my services or something else. Maybe I should wait a little bit longer. 
I am ready for any criticism and advice. Also I'm ready to learn and improve my skills.
Thank you in advance.

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55 minutes ago, raselmia03336 said:

No problem, you will try to spend more time on fiverr


1 hour ago, dilrubahasan222 said:

No problem, you will try to spend more time on fiverr. and do gig marketing  in social media.

Thanks a lot for your answers! 😃

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Glanced at your profile. Some of your gigs have room for more samples. In the illustration categories, more examples of your work is critical. 


Consider making a simple slideshow video, as you can show more samples that way.

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