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Commercial rights and broadcast rights for voice overs


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1. However much you want. There's no requirement. As a smaller buyer though, I walk away when rights more than double the cost. Only put a big price if you're expecting small clients aren't going to be much of your business. Many probably search using their "budget" and will balk when they see additional fees of any amount. So, adding a fee will reduce your client count, but the ones who do contact you will probably be more professional from having been more organized in their search process.
2. I'm guessing you're referring to something like being added to a stock resource like AI Voice? That's a different product/service, so it's valid to charge differently. I have no idea how those buyers behave though. I've seen a number of Voice Over sellers on the forum claim to simply refuse that work. Probably those buyers have limited options and as a result higher price tolerance. You can probably ramp up the value of a custom offer for them to an unreasonable price and see them accept it.

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