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One year, 3124USD. Good or bad?


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I’ve just made a round year since I’m on Fiverr. With goods and bads.

But hey! What can I say?

I was able to pay almost all debts. I was able to buy a brand new (and fantastic) computer. I am able to work more, faster, better.

I also learned many things here:

Improved my English skills.

Improved my developer skills (yeah, sometimes people ask for something I haven’t done yet).

Improved my communication skills.

Made a lot of new friends.

Fiverr is really great and helped me a lot even if, at the beginning, I have joined this community “for testing purposes only” 😃

For sellers?

Be patient! Don’t expect to make a lot of money from 1’st day.

Be communicative! Use everything Fiverr give’s you. A potential buyer won’t wait too long after he sends you a message. Be online by any methods (PC and mobile).

Accept challenges. Even if you are not 100% sure about the fact that you will be able to finish the task, you can find a lot of tutorials over the net. Learn!

Be honest! You are the only one who knows how much your work costs. Never ask too much for your work. Never ask too less. My honesty has brought the majority of buyers back to me.

Overdeliver. But not too much. Unless you are doing it for charity.

Be creative. Expose your ideas to the client. It is working in the majority of cases. He/she will absolutely notice your willing to collaborate.

Request the cancellation of those extremely easy (and very fast to be done) gigs. You have no idea how many buyers turned back to me because of this.

Maybe you’ll get 4$ once. Maybe the buyer will understand the task was extremely easy for you. And maybe he won’t turn back to you ever.

But if you request the cancellation of a gig, explaining to the buyer what made you to start that request, will bring you more trust. Don’t worry, the cancellation will not affect your ratings anymore.

Be polite! Always!

Watch out for your grammar spelling. You don’t want your buyer to understand something else from your message or understand nothing. Not so good at English? Use some online translator for words you don’t know. You’ll eventually understand those words and how to use them.

Explain with details what have you done.

I have used the above list, always. With every single buyer. And I always got results. So, why not sharing my experience with you?

Keep it up Fiverr!

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Reply to @solow13: Thanks for your suggestion but I think I took good care about my account and never but NEVER send or receive a file directly from a customer. I always use fiverr’s system for files and when files are too big to be attached here, I’m using google drive.

Besides that, I never open suspicious files and everything I have to open and use is first passed trough my antivirus software.

Afterwards, I don’t have nothing to do with executables or files that can hide viruses. A virus can’t be hidden in a php, css or html file (not talking about links here, that’s another problem).


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Reply to @icphoton: Hi!

First order appeared in several days (I don’t remember exactly). But that order almost made me to quit Fiverr :D. Yeah, my first client was a very difficult person (lucky me :D) and for a normal gig I had to work almost half day. And she (is a she) was threatening me with a negative review. Well… that thing made me be extremely specific with all my requests and also enforced me to go ahead.

At the beginning it was hard (I remember that in first month I have made about 40$ - just to gain the first level) but I haven’t lost my patience.

Then, I have started to grow and buyers have started to return. I have always tried to work clean and fast to satisfy the client.

Now, most of my clients are returning customers but I also receive new customers (about 1 each day).


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