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Want to Help in WordPress Coz its my Birthday Today and Want Some Fiverr Friends :)


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when i join the fiverr for making $$$ , that time i have not so more skilled about WP (WordPress)so i not add those gig but now i have many Experience and lots of The sites making …and dozens of issues fixing…lots of themes and plug-in installing and modifying

i am really So Happy with my work and Proved to i am great Developer

but now i want to Help those people who paid 5 $ for WordPress services

i will solving all freeware next 24 HR

Hurry its not joking or making you fool…

Really i am so Happy with fiverr…

Thank You Fiverr

I need some friends who touch with me in fiverr

(I want to really help those people who struggle in WordPress and Crazy about WordPress )

time is running …

Hurry … i am here 25 Hr Online

(i do this for only & only for my birthday and Making new friends in fiverr )

Hope all Peoples in fiverr like this

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Don’t think at me as the competition… but I really try to understand what you have wrote in your message… Something isn’t clear for me:

“Many experience (on Fiverr?)” is translated in 4 positive reviews. Not so good…

Again, with only 4 positive reviews you don’t prove that you are “a great developer”… yet. I have 369 positive reviews (and 87 not rated) and I still think that I’m not a “great developer”, still learning.

Putting yourself so high won’t make people trust you more. Received reviews are making you trustworthy. More reviews = more trust.

You really need to check your grammar. Your message is really unreadable. Your gigs are also very hard to understand.

Rework the text of your gigs. Be more creative (or technical?) on description part. Rewrite titles, there is a big mess.

Afterwards, your offer is cool but you have a lot of work on the communication part.

Happy Birthday!

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