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Positive Buyer giving instructions unfortunately left and cancel?


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I have a positive buyer (he did not order), but he left me instructions for his 3 banners. He said he’ll let me play with the designs. So I gave my best on the first banner and 2nd banner since it would be my first customer.

I sent him the JPG copy of the designs, He left me a reply:

Buyer: Banner 1 is perfect!

And I replied to him saying that I was grateful and asking him about his opinion about banner two so I can make the revisions. Unfortunately, no reply. I was checking my inbox the whole time and still… no reply.

I continue to make revisions on the banner 2 since I wasn’t satisfied and checked my inbox just this morning and no rely still. So I decided to leave a message that he should reply within 24 hours since I was all out for the design, or else I will report him for running away and for wasting my time and effort.

6 to seven hours passed, He reply and said, he was away that’s why. Additionally, he will cancel it.

How come? HE DID NOT PLACE AND ORDER AND DID NOT LEFT ME ADDITIONAL MESSAGE and that made me think he will run away and gonna waste my time.

What should I do to avoid clients like this? What is your opinion about what happened to me?

I am a newbie so please help me.

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Hey there,

From my experience (921 orders in 5 months) I can safely say that 99% of buyers are great. That said, there are one or two (or maybe a few more) that will use your services as if they are god and work to their own agenda, in your case, disappearing for a few days and then demanding changes when it suits them.

My initial gig descriptions (when I first started out here) were quite naive and looking back, they looked like I would jump through hoops just to get an order. Although customer service should always be your number one priority, it is important to let the client/buyer know from the off that you need them to work with you to achieve best results.

Here is my current description to my best selling gig:

Provide me with your event, dates, times and essential information and I'll design you a retro style poster/flyer!

UPDATED - MAY 2014 (Please read)
Please understand the following points before ordering:

1) Files are provided as flattened 300dpi A4 Jpegs! (good to print) - extra gigs available if you require fully editable version or if you require a bespoke size.

2) Less is more! - The retro style flyers/posters look better with a minimum amount of text:

Header ? (what your event is called)

Tagline? (no more than 20 characters)



3) All finished designs now feature my Fiverr URL - you can order the extra gig to remove if required.

Tips are gratefully accepted at: http://www.fiverr.com/artworkking/gratefully-accept-tips

I must state that all amendments to orders must be completed within the 3 day modification zone allowed. Any changes after this time requires another gig from scratch. That includes size changes.



Please do not ask me to modify an order if :
1) your order has been marked as complete
2) you are adding/changing text from your original brief

Thank you!

The above has been modified several times from experiences from a few buyers not following the rules to make it a smooth transaction.

Some points above may seem a little 'harsh' but they are essential to ensure the ground rules are laid and that the buyer understands your seriousness to the gig before they order.

I've had a few buyers not understanding the gig and maybe 'try it on' to get more than you are offering - please don;t be disheartened by this small group of people, the vast majority of buyers are totally awesome. As this gig is so personal to me, it still effects me now when I get a client 'trying it on' but I can now see these people for who they are, and since Fiverr made the wise decision to make the cancellations not effect your overall rating, I have no problem in reiterating the guidelines to the client, and if that doesn't work, request cancellation.

Finally, it is most important to contact the buyer as soon as you can - this shows your customer service levels as well as giving you enough time to cancel the order if needed.

I hope that information helps.



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I know you are a new seller and hope to get a deal earlier but don’t let the buyer take advantage on your services. Tell them loudly that you will only start your job once they place an order. and REMEMBER, always deliver your work with watermark. 🙂

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I’m so sorry, @metzss. You’ve been taken advantage of by a manipulative buyer. As @bachas85 says, NEVER do work without an order. And never deliver finished graphic work without a watermark or some sort of protection from theft. That way the buyer can’t just keep your work while claiming it’s not adequate and needs revisions. Once the buyer says the work is acceptable and he’s happy with it, then you can release the finished product. Some dishonest people will even wait after accepting the work then turn around and claim it’s unacceptable and they want a refund. Fiverr’s customer service is more likely to back your side if you have communications from the buyer that he had previously accepted it before supposedly changing his mind. He really just wanted it for free.

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