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Member since 2014 | Since a few weeks FIVER had a very bad update for employers | When we, as employer, placing a request for an offer we always got about 50-100 offers from freelancers on a special page. We could sort them out and contact them. After the update the freelancers offers appear in our INBOX! What a WEIRD concept. We are working in our inbox and communicating with our operational freelancers. Now we have 50-100 freelancer offers in the same inbox and have to scroll and search to find those freelancers we are already working with! This concept us total nonsens! | As second we get ADVERTISEMENTS from freelancers in our INBOX (Like there is not enough in it already) ADVERTISEMENTS we NEVER asked for. We contact those freelancers involved and at they all claim they never send us any advertisement, so that must be a "SERVICE" from FIVER? We contact FIVER and they say it's the freelancer themselves, so what is it?? Anyway, we BLOCK all the ADVERTISERS but than the 3 dots on top of your screen dissapear so you can't delete the ADVERTISEMENTS. Image: we get about 2-6 ADVERTISEMENTS a day and complain to FIVER 1x every single day. Thats 60-120 a month we cant delete? | NOTHING happens so far to make this better and we will leave FIVER end 2022 after many years cooperation. | As CEO of a company I really do NOT understand how a professional company like FIVER can make such a wrong decisions about this two matters. I don't know about the side of the freelancers but it won't suprise me that on their side also some things are un-acceptable from this latest update. Fire the person(s) or who are responsible for this rediculous updates. You might lose many more clients.  Very disapointing, knowing FIVER has thousands of experts in their portfolio they work with the wrong people themselves...

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re: promotions being shown in your inbox. This is what a member of customer support said previously:

they said "this is a new feature that is currently being tested. For now there is no way to opt-out of it".

If you're a buyer-only I don't think there's any way on the site (no option shown anyway) for a seller to directly message you unless you have messaged them first. So if there's promoted gigs showing in your inbox that's probably just because they've used the gig promotion option (that in the help only mentions that it can be advertised in the gig/category pages) but Fiverr's new test is sometimes now showing the ads in the inbox.

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Today we had the newest: Unfortunately we started blocking all advertisers from our inbox, to avoid getting more of the unwanted advertisements. You think we blocked them BUT....we get the same advertisements over and over again from the BLOCKED freelancer and when we want te delete them, we have to: UNBLOCK THEM FIRST (still no delete button) WRITE TO THEM AGAIN, (now the delete button finally appears and again we lost LOT of precious working time!) and BLOCK the freelancer and DELETE them again. Big suprise: 4 hours later...same BLOCKED advertiser again in our inbox! This is really not a matter of weeks programming, we could fix this is one single day!  I think for us the longterm cooperation between FIVER and us is comes to an end, this cost us WAY too much time and money. 


How is this possible!.jpeg

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