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Four orders successfully completed in a row within last fifteen days


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Thanks goes to Allah. 

In my Fiverr Service, getting an order by a customer's satisfaction usually takes a lot of speed. As a PRO Service provider in Dubai, I help customers to find out how much they need to invest until registering a business, getting a residency visa, and opening a bank account in Dubai. In spite of my expectation that a customer places a basic package to receive all information he needs, but unfortunately, they rarely do so. I have provided information to many buyers as free of charge in the last four months. It took me hours and hours just to provide the information and quotation to register a company in Dubai or to obtain a business license in Dubai. But everyone kept quiet once they get their required information and budget. Many of whom do not even say goodbye with the slightest politeness. Go offline after taking information.


It seems that my luck has finally turned out well. I have been hired by four buyers in the last fifteen days, from whom three have requested for information and quotations, and one have proceeded to register his business license in Dubai. After being satisfied with my quotation, he hired me to register his company and when the order completed successfully, he surprised me with a nice review.


We all work very hard to increase orders on the Fiverr platform. It can be frustrating when we don't get your order like I did. But the majority of freelancers are remaining patient. The feeling of getting work and positive reviews from customers is really rewarding for us. It inspires us. We started to think, “Yes, we might be able to do something”. My advice to all fiverr friends is to stick with it, success will come. Never give up on yourself. My best wishes to you all.


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