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New Earning Calculation Method is Just Ambiguous!


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Hi all,

Hope everyone reading this is doing great. Fiverr updated Earning page and calculation method a week ago and quite frankly it's ambiguous and chaotic. 'Cleared Earning' is now the actual money one has earned which has no apparent benefit over the previous implementation. I don't even know how much I have earned in this month since clearance is always 7 or 14 days away which would cross into next month after the 20th.

I just want to see at a given point in time how much I have made this month and I can't do that. Pending Clearance also includes earning from last month if I'm in first 10 days of a month which means there's no way to know how much I have earned in the running month. This is all so ambiguous and chaotic. Should I keep an Excel sheet now to know this basic thing? When it first updated I thought Fiverr was testing some stuff or there was a bug but looks like it is here to stay.

Not sure what benefit does this give to Fiverr or users compared to previous implementation. Any words from fellow sellers or moderators here?


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