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Please stop copying gig images of other sellers


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So this is has happened to me multiple times that someone has copied my entire gig image, placed their own picture instead of mine and voila they got a new gig image. I mean why does people even do that ? I have reported such sellers multiple times and yet it keeps happening to me. I won't say their names here for the sake of confidentiality but c'mon guys why can't you just create your own gig images ? 

Due to this reason i had to change my gig images across my entire gig lineup.

When i asked these sellers why they did that, this was their response "You are very popular on fiverr and we thought we can take inspiration from you gig picture".

Well then take inspiration please!!! Don't copy the entire gig image and slap your photo instead of mine!

This is a "Non-Original Standard" and you can read about it here https://www.fiverr.com/community/standards/intellectual-property and also on this topic here 


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