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Hey experienced sellers, I need your opinion and advice



I'm one month here, without a match or any other action on my profile.  I'm unsure if Fiverr analytics would give me any jobs without numbers, ratings, clients etc on my profile. So, that's the first answer I'm looking forward to. And secondly, If your answer is just to optimize my page - Can you tell me based on my profile, what else to do?  

Kind regards, Ivana. 

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Good morning, Ivana, and welcome to the forums!

I took a look at your profile, and you could benefit from re-writing your descriptions.

It is a good idea to tell more about who you are as a professional, your experience in your field, and what the order process is going to be like. For example, what you will need from the clients and what they will get from you.

Also, allow me to say that your profile picture could be a bit more professional. A mirror selfie is not the best choice.

Last, consider creating a strong portfolio and linking it in your descriptions.

I am also sending you some very useful links by @vickieito and @frank_d to get an idea of how Fiverr works!

Good luck,



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