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My top selling gig got removed by Fiverr for not following 3rd party policy



Hello wonderful community,

My best selling gig recently got removed on Fiverr because of the following reason: Your Gig has been flagged by our team for violating (or potentially violating) a third party’s Terms of Service.

But I don't think I have violated any policy of 3rd party (eBay in my case), as I have been providing this service for over two years and I provided the service in the best possible way. I also checked that almost all top selling gigs in my category got removed the same day. I contacted eBay and asked them about my services to make sure if I have not followed any of their polcies by mistake or what I don't know of, but they suggested to ask fiverr. I have contacted fiverr customer support, but they said that they can't discolse what caused my gig to be removed from fiverr, and they cannot restore it. 

I seek guidance from the community if someone has faced the same issue, and if they got their gig recovered how did they do it? Thanks in advance for your time.

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6 minutes ago, strategist_ceo said:

Do you have any reviews? You said your top-selling gig has been removed.

Since you did not say what you were doing, it is difficult to understand what is wrong. However, we may be spending time on a futile effort. 

Thanks for your reply. I have 735 reviews on this gig, and have been selling through this gig for over 2 years. I also had 1100 orders completed on this gig. I provide product research and listing services to eBay sellers. 

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