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Something I can improve on my seller profile



Hello colleagues 👋

I'm kind of shy is the first time I write in a forum, I thought lets try to write a question here, maybe somebody will give a feedback,

I'm new on Fiverr.  I'm a Designer, I'm trying to create independence and autonomy with my work, to achieve my goals. I know I can do it , I have passion , knowledge, I know how to do my job,  but I'm not good at marketing, so I can't market myself on the creative market. ( sorry if my English is not that good )

I'd like to ask, if anyone wants and has time, to see my profile and to give me feedback, of something that I can improve.

thank you so much 

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Your gig description is too short, try to make it longer (take advantage of all 1,200 characters!)


Use tags more effectively.


Although you may be charging a fair price, on Fiverr, buyers who are willing to pay fair for a gig are few and far between. In addition, the fact that you did not put in an effort in your gig description makes you seem less professional than other sellers. It will be hard to convince buyers to spend hundreds of dollars on you. My personal recommendation is to soften your price until you get ten reviews.

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