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Tips for Great Typography (Alignment, Alignment, Alignment!) 🎼

Logo Maker Team

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Mastering our editor takes time and practice. Today we want to discuss a very crucial element that is often forgotten when creating variations–Alignment– and how providing the right options can maximize your chances of being selected.

To start off, let’s discuss the buyer side of the Logo Maker. The buyer’s journey includes the placement of their brand name and slogan into the Logo Maker tool. 

The buyer then proceeds to a ready-to-use selection, a “full-shelf” of logos using the actual brand name in design. The ability to visualize their brand name and slogan with your choices of typography, color, and layout helps the buyer come to a decision about the best choice for their specific needs.

We want to ensure that the designs your buyers are sorting through are complete and ready to buy. This is why the first impression is so important.

Creating variations takes time but has many benefits. One mistake we’ve noticed designers forgetting in theirs is Alignment.



Forgetting to use the alignment button can cause a longer brand name or slogan to cover the actual logo, or move away from it. 

The simple difference in display can be a massive turn off to some buyers, and in some cases cause you to lose their interest.


In short: Remember your alignment!



Want to learn more about our typography features? 

Check out our new article and make sure your supply is up to date, here >>>

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Hello, I knew about the tool, I just want to clarify that in some designs I prefer to place the elements manually, because they are asymmetric designs where the visual weight of each thing must be highly valued, and try to make the entire design balanced, and see in harmony, but I really appreciate all the help and suggestions you give us, thank you very much!! ( Sorry, my English is not very good)

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