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Gig keeps getting falsely denied.


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I made a gig offering art and all the art I included in the gig was all art I created myself from start to finish, but the gig keeps getting denied for including unoriginal imagery: 


The image you are currently using to represent your Gig has been flagged by our team for not being original. All images you display/deliver must be your original work, and of the same standard and quality as the service you will be providing to your customers. Using a stock image, a random photo from the Internet, or an image which you copied or bought from a different seller, may mislead buyers and is against our Community Standards. This can lead to negative reviews and cancellations from buyers or the removal of your Gig. Learn more about making the most from your Gig image.

It's literally impossible reaching out to fiverr support too because anytime you open up a ticket it'll just auto-respond with a bot message and close the ticket, and if you reply to it to re-open it, it will just remain unread. I have a support ticket I made days ago with no response yet.

Is there any way to fix this and be able to post my art on the gig without it getting denied?




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