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I can't get my first order


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Hi there! 

I am Ludovica, I am a video-editor and I've been a Fiverr member since July 2022. 

My experience with Fiverr is great, but i have a problem: I make many impressions and even some clicks, but I still haven't received my first order yet! Am I doing something wrong? Do you have any advice for me to follow? 

Thank you for your help! 

Have a nice day,




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Hey, where do you place in the search results when typing your type of gig? If it's not on the 1st page, then you will not probably get an order. If you don't have enough reviews ( both public and private ) you wont place on the 1st page either. So its like a chicken and egg problem.

You only need about 7-8 reviews and 3-4 private review to place higher, so the only thing to do is funnel a client or an acquaintance to make his/her order through fiverr and leave feedback, if you have any client from any other platform or in real life, try to convince them to make their order through fiverr, offer them a lower rate or even a dirt cheap one. 

After you have 7-8 reviews try to mantain your metrics and you should start receiving orders. Be overly polite with people, always deliver much faster than you're supposed to do and you'll get there.

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Consequential recommendations

  • First of all, please remove your vimeo URL and also your vimeo shows your gmail email. This is a violation of Fiverr's Terms of Service when you communicate with a buyer.
  • Secondly, I recommend that you create a more general video editing gig in addition to your existing one.
  • Lastly, I recommend that you rewrite your gig description. Try including relevant keywords (common search terms) in the first paragraph.

Non consequential recommendation


Structure your bio better with better spacing and paragraphs.

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I am also a seller in video editing, I don't know what you do exactly in video editing but you should make more gigs for each category of video editing and one for general video editing.
Example: general, ads/corporate, travel, gaming, wedding, etc

You also need to watch videos about how to optimize and write a good title and good keywords because there are tips and tricks for this.

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