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No reply from client. what could I do?


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1 hour ago, alicmiguel21 said:

Hello fellows,

What could I do if I have an ongoing order but the client hasn't provided any additional information needed to complete the service? I have left him several messages but I haven't received any reply for more than 24h now. 

I think Fiverr sends them a reminder to provide all of the requirements for you to start the project. If they haven't provided anything you can do two things: extend the delivery due date via Customer Support, or cancel the order altogether arguing they didn't sent you the requirements (if you're worried that the buyer would be irresponsive during the rest of the project). Cancelling the order may affect your stats for several weeks though, but you won't have to worry anymore about that order and you may work on other orders you have at the moment with more attentive buyers. Try to decide what's better for your efficiency and not so much in the money you will or not earn.

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I think you should exercise patient since the order is still active. Who knows maybe your client is facing challenges of network or personal challenges making your client not to be online to respond to your messages. 

If the day's to complete the order is still active then exercise patient. You can as well cancel the order by letting your client know through the message then explain your reason for canceling it. Then, send your client a custom offer to accept when your client is back online to restart the project. 

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