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Should I contact people that had ordered from me before?



Hello Sellers!

I am a new seller and I am trying to grow. I have been thinking on using the "Contacts"  in the "Growth & Marketing" tab to contact customer if they need any new services. Is this a good idea or not? If it is not a good idea what else can I do to start getting more orders and overall more customers to work with me?

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10 hours ago, sacredtravis said:

what else can I do to start getting more orders and overall more customers to work with me?

Hi @sacredtravis, based on my review of your profile and gig:

1. Profile & Gig Descriptions - You talk about yourself but not what you can do for your clients - use more "you" statements and less "Me, my, I" statements. This can also be applied when you are writing your gigs. Don't just list what you can do - speak to your customer's pain points and show them why you are the "solution" and answer to all of their problems.

2. Credibility - You have the "Highly responsive" badge and 5-star reviews.  You are off to a great start. I've never had the "Highly responsive" badge. As you continue to offer quality services and keep your buyers happy, you can gain additional badges (such as the Fiverr's Choice badge and becoming a leveled seller) that will help give you greater credibility and trust with your buyer.

3. Portfolio - Before I had many reviews, my portfolio was what convinced buyers to place orders with me. Take advantage of the gig video, 3 images, and 2 PDFs that you get with each gig to show off your skills and unique selling proposition (USP).

4. Customer Lifespan - I listened to my customers and tailored all 7 of my gigs to cater to their needs. This allowed me to get 4-5 orders from each customer (which is very helpful for getting more customers). As I was closing one order, I would give the buyer the next order via custom offer. This is one way to quickly get orders. Also, by planning with your buyers, you can gain more stability in your orders. I have one customer where we have a years' worth of orders planned out. Some customers don't want to see that far but on your end, you can have a tentative plan for that customer.

5. Repeat Customers - Once you get customers, keep them happy and try to convert them to lifetime customers. This may be hard when you're first starting out because your prices may be lower. You may have to part ways with you previous customers and take on new clients at your higher rates.

These articles may be helpful for you:




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1 hour ago, sacredtravis said:

If it is not a good idea what else can I do to start getting more orders and overall more customers to work with me?

I think it is against ToS to contact buyers first, don't know if it still applies if you already worked with them. I don't even remember if it's allowed that, when delivering the order, telling them that you are willing to help with any other job they may have. Read the ToS again and if there's no problem do those things. If not, simply deliver good quality work and be empathic, offer good customer service and communication, and be attentive to any questions or requests a buyer may have. They will feel inclined to order from you again organically.

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Four months ago, I wanted to know the answers to this question. But I wasn't active on the forum, so I asked customer support; this is the reply I got.


Then I joined the forum, and After joining, I realized that it wasn't a good idea to ask such questions from customer support because you can find so many valuable tips from the forum. I  spent hours reading seller tips articles and made changes accordingly. I also want to thank @vickieito for helping me out. This process took months to show the results. In the end, I completed 13 orders, all from the search results, not from buyer requests (at the time) or briefs. Recently, a reseller made a mess, and I'm still dealing with it. I think I said too much. 😁The answer to your question is NO.

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No! Even if you've worked with them in the past, it is not okay to send them messages unless they specifically asked you to do so.


Example ✔️

Buyer: Hey, please contact me when you are free to work on a new project

Seller: No problem, I'll let you know when my schedule is cleared up.

(Week later)

Seller: I finished the last project I was working on last week. I'm ready to get started when you are.



Seller: Hi, Happy New Year! Just wanted to say hi and let you know if you have any work I'm available.

(Buyer didn't ask to be contacted. This message is unsolicited. It only takes a few buyers marking this as spam for it to ruin your Fiverr account.) 

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