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Is there a way to recover denied gig ?


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39 minutes ago, dilawerkhankhan said:

My gigs are also denied and got no respond why my gigs go to denied

It might be that customer support have a lot of tickets to reply to so you may get reply from them later. You could check any email/message you got from Fiverr for the reason.

Though it seems like your account might be restricted since it doesn't show when I try to view it, so it might not just be your gig.

Maybe they thought you had copied some of your profile description. If the images in your gig were your own work maybe it could have been something to do with the list of companies. eg. you said: 




- Disney

- Apple

- Nike

- Sony

- Paramount Pictures


I assume you mean those are your clients for your designs not that those companies are your services and you also said you did worked for "Netflix and Universal Studios.". Maybe they weren't sure that all those were accurate if you were pricing your gig at $5.

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