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My account got restricted!!


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Hello Fiverr Members,
I am deeply saddened to share about my gigs and account situation! I don't know what is happening with my gigs and account.
Firstly, my gig was denied after an allegation of violation. Then, I made another gig and mailed you for its approval of the review request. After submitting the mail, my gig was deleted. Right after five minutes, my account got restricted. What is happening to me? Is this fair or is there any forum for appeal, please? Kindly, guide me about it. I contacted the support team but the reasons given by the support team did not provide justified and satisfactory answers 

Besides this, kindly guide me should I wait to get back my active account or should I make a new account?
This platform is the sole source of my earnings. It is humbly requested to you guide me deeply about it. 
I am highly disappointed by the review team of this platform!
Waiting for your humble response.
Kind regards,

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No, you should not make another account. That would be against the rules.

What reason did Fiverr give you in the email telling you your account was restricted? Did you read and understand the TOS?

Something is obviously wrong with the gig you created. Forum members will not be able to tell, of course. It is your responsibility to understand the rules and comply with them.

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