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2 hours ago, mdfahimovi said:

How can I get my first order with my service in fiverr? I published my first gig almost 37 days ago with the service of as a social media manager & content creator.

For more: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Zy7Gxk 

Thank You.


I know it's really hard to be a new seller on Fiverr, sometimes we get an order in a week once we create a seller account on Fiverr but sometimes it takes months. But as a new seller, I will recommend you do proper SEO of your and don't go for the same titles as others. Try to choose some unique titles than others but make sure you create your GIG completely SEO optimized.

In Addition: 
1. Stay Active on Fiverr but not like bots. 
2. Don't waste your time & money on fake impressions & clicks. 
3. Don't waste your time on the gig to gig exchange.
4. create the best of the best title when you create your gig because the URL plays a role in SEO too. (as mentioned in SS I attached) & This URL is unchangeable.
5. Don't try to find shortcuts to get an order, you should work on your GIG and Profile. 
6. Promote your GIG on Other Social Media Platforms too. 
7. Go for Youtube Advertisement and target your clients. 

8. Keep Patience... Keep Patience



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