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Gigs Denied Fiverr Teams habit


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Fiverr have not any proper guidelines, Some time gigs active and some time gig denied and

do not search your gigs fiverr search box.

i asked customer service…Why my gigs denied and not found fiverr search box?..

he say after 30 days you contact with customer service… what do i now???

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Guest celticmoon

You already have the answer to your question “what do I do now?”. Wait 30 days, then contact customer service again. Forum members are just buyers and sellers like you, not support; no one can tell you anything different.

Look, Fiverr generally doesn’t deny gigs without a good reason. Go read the Terms of Service. Go to the customer support Learning Academy and read articles.

And there’s a simple explanation for not finding your gigs when you search. Use the forum search engine to see if your question has been asked and answered dozens of times already. (It has).

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