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How to create portfolio for graphics designer


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I have mentioned here few steps, which can be followed to optimize a gig for SEO--

1. First you have to find out Right and profitable Fiverr SEO Keywords.
2. Then you have to optimize your Fiverr gig URL for SEO.
3. Optimize your Fiverr Gig Title with your Keywords.
4. Try to use the best Tags on your gig.
5. Optimize your Fiverr gig packages with keywords.
6. Add Keywords on your gig Description.
7. Optimize your gig FAQs Section with keywords.
8. Put keywords on your images and video.

I hope if your follow this steps then you able to optimize your Gigs.

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Hello guys, I want to work with a senior graphics designer. I want to do project with seniors as a working partner. He/She will take project and i will complete that. After Earn money we will divide. If anybody want to work with partnership, then please inbox me.

If anybody have another suggestion, please inbox me. I am waiting. Thank you.


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5 hours ago, nbniloy113 said:

If we want to try, then it's possible. I think it will be work. Some of people working with this strategy.

Catwriter meant that quite literally. 




Incorporating other sellers' work in your delivery versus profit Arbitrage

Sellers are welcome to incorporate purchases which they have all required rights to, in their deliveries. For example designs as backgrounds for music videos, images for websites, images for presentations, etc. With that said, by no means can purchases be delivered “as is” with no significant added value or transformative use, under the misconception that it is the seller's original work and in order to gain profit from price differences. 

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