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Can't edit a spanish gig. I get error "Gig items title ya está siendo usado"


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Just as the title says, I can’t edit my spanish gig. I don’t know what that error means. I have already tried deleting cache and cookies and using chrome and firefox to edit the gig and I get the same error no matter what I do.

It’s been holding me back. People are requesting for things that I don’t offer in the gig, so I need to edit it, and the more time I go through without changing this, I am losing clients and sales.

Please help. How do I fix this?



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For anyone who has this issue I found out that in my case, what was creating the problem was one of the extras. When I unchecked all of them I was able to save the gig. I also unchecked the extras in the english version. After that I was able to reactivate the extras in the english and spanish versions. But first I had to deactivate all and that is how I was able to save my gigs!

Hope that helps!

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