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Refund order by scammer.


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I made a order for a guy and made it exactly like he wanted but after the order delivery he started canceling it he was saying it was his boss order and now he dont want it any nore after i have given him the product and wasnt accepting it. I talked with fiverr support and they said they cant do anything about it. After a while he gave me this offer and said that he will let the order go and give me 5 star reviews and in return he wants the money from that delivery back. He will ask another seller on fiver for a order and he wants me to pay it for him using my earning. I talked with the support and also send them screenshots of this conversation (it also happened in my order description page).They said they will take action against that guy. Now the fund clearance stage of my money completed for that order and i took all the money out of my account but he still text me using a another fiver account and is saying he want his money back. Can he still get a refund for that order? Also he gave me 5 star review for his delivery.

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