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Profile and Gig deranked to last position of last page


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I'm a new seller on Fiverr and I don't know how can be possible go from 1 page to >30 pages.

My gigs are good:

  • SEO
  • images
  • Description
  • Reviews

My profile is good:

  • Skill confirmed
  • Test passed

In a few days I collect a few orders from my social media/website audience, delivering the work on time with 5/5 stars review.

I read on the forum about concert rotation, private feedback and so on. Actually the reason is not very important. The important thing is to understand HOW to get my rank back and if anyone has gone through this situation, kindly explain how to do it.

Thank you very much, have a nice day.

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So I see your profile is new, most likely what happened is Fiverr gave you a boost and you received some clients. But others in your niche most likely surpassed you, and thus you were pushed behind.

Also, Fiverr asks for private reviews aside from what you see publicly. So if a buyer slammed you and you have few reviews, then obviously a negative private review will have a major impact.

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1 minute ago, dilrubahasan222 said:

I think every new gig de-ranked  in this movement. I do social media marketing  still gig is losing rank.

In your opinion, it's a good way to recover rank? Sinceraly, I think that if you collect 100 clicks from social media (Facebook group dedicated to Fiverr)  and you get 0 orders from that clic, maybe the situation can get worse...

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Hi there, actually it has nothing to do with boosts and losing competitiveness, it's FIverr punishing you for a client private survey or lack of reviews, I have absolutely the same problem, I am on the platform 5 months now, hit level 2 exactly after 4 months, and was top 3 search result in my category. I have only 5 star reviews ( 44 of them ), 100% answer rate, 95% completion rate, 100% on time, no TOS violations, I am online 4-5 hours a day...  AND IN A MATTER OF A DAY i went to last page of results, WITH ALL OTHER RESULTS around me being either without any reviews, people that left the platform, with last delivery more than a month ago, without any levels, not responding for days to chat.... that is not being outperformed, cmon, that is downright spitefully punished. And customer support says everything is normal... WHY DO YOU HAVE ALL THOSE METRICS that you have to achieve and take care of if they don't mean squat??????

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