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When did you get your first order?


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Hi,  Today is my 41 day of Fiverr. I have some impressions and clicks but no order. I have perfect skill to create WordPress websites. So, I published Landing page design gig and WordPress full website gig. However I am waiting for my first order. Share your experience here, how many days did you get for the first order? I already set up with high quality images and video + pdf + good title. 
Any special tricks or something to rank your gig?  Tell me about your first order and what should I improve to get first order?

Highly appreciate your time thank you!

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Hey, i opned this acc like 3 years ago and i get like 3 messages and 0 orders so i jsut left. I came back like 1 weak ago to creat another gig aout rating people aperence (face,body) and giving advide on lookmaxing nad i got first order like the next day. Just hang in there. I personaly advise you on maybe checking your primary poster tht people see maybe making your title shorter. I can look at it if you want, just message me on fiverr. I am doing advertisement for 1 company in my local town so i have some experiences.

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