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1 hour ago, chrygraphics said:

Do I have to change my waiting times from a minimum of 2 days to a minimum of 24H? Because I know fiverr likes speed

Fiverr does like speed, but not in that way.

I have my delivery times set out to 10 days for orders that takes me 2-3 days to do. When I deliver earlier than the 10 days, it looks really good because I'm making "quick" deliveries.

If you offer 2-day deliveries and deliver within 24 hours, that looks good. However, if you state if you deliver in 24 hours and you deliver in 23 hours, it's not considered a quick delivery unless you deliver before that 12-hour notification is sent to you.

In short, give yourself more time to complete the order than is necessary and then deliver early.

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