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How much time it takes to receive the First Order on Fiverr?


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I'm new to Fiverr. Today I made my gig on email marketing services active.

It's been like 2-3 hours now. And I was wondering when I'll receive my first order on Fiverr.

Experts please show up and help me with some answers 🙂

My Regards.

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6 minutes ago, fazlulkabir2081 said:

There isn't really a specific period of time since, if your concert resolves a significant problem for clients, orders may come in as soon as 24 hours after you start receiving impressions. Post your jobs every day.

Presently I am offering email marketing services. And not planning any other gigs at present. But hoping to get my first order soon. Any suggestions you'd like to add for me?

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When I first setup my profile on Fiverr, it took me more than a month to get my first order. Some people get their first order within a week. 

This actually depends a lot on the demand for your service in the marketplace. Moreover, you need to have a well written description that is also SEO optimized. 

I suggest that you wait for some more weeks and after that if you don't see your order rolling in you should modify your gig.


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