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What is difference between fiverr balance and fiverr revenue?


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Do you have an English/Thai dictionary? You’re having great difficulty understanding the answers to your many questions, so I don’t know if you will understand this.

Revenue is another word for earnings. When a seller makes a sale, then about 14 days after it is complete, he will have revenue in his account which he can withdraw into his Paypal or Payoneer account. Only Fiverr sellers have revenue.

Fiverr balance is like credit. If a buyer has a problem with what he bought, or a seller is unable to deliver an order, and they agree to cancel the order, he will get the amount he had paid returned to him in his Fiverr balance as credit which can be used for future purchases on Fiverr. It cannot be withdrawn into an account; it can only be used to make purchases on Fiverr. Because Fiverr sellers can also be buyers, both buyers and sellers might have a balance, but only if something they ordered got cancelled.

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