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Returning to Fiverr but no impression anymore



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It will take time for the algorithm to realise you are back / active on Fiverr again. I think a good way for you to start would be to either use the new Briefs feature and respond to prospective buyers, or bring new clients to Fiverr.

You can find more info on briefs here courtesy of @vickieito:

Here are 16 tips to train the AI to get better matches:



And here's more information on what you can do to improve your gigs so that you get better matches:


@mariashtelle1 recommended this webinar to me (see last video in the link below) and I really liked the "Best Practices" tips that start about the 8:00 minute mark and the Q&A that starts at the 45:00 minute mark. It has really good tips that can help you improve your chances of orders:


I also found @vickiespencer's buyer perspectives on the Brief & Match feature (scroll to see all of her comments):


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21 minutes ago, cartoonice said:

Hey Williambryan392, thanks for the reply! This is a lot of help. 

My pleasure. One more suggestion for you, and probably an obvious one. Launch a new gig! It should get some more exposure (new gigs do get a bump up), which could trigger potential buyers to look at your other services, which should then hopefully bring your existing gigs back to life.

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