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My GIGS are dead and It's been 3 month not coming in search result


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Hello Guys,

I have a very big issue facing since 3 month. My GIGs sudden goes down without no reason as having all the work done on time and all the clients happy. For the last 3 months my gigs kept going down and now they are all completely dead and not coming anywhere in search, I tried using all the ways I know on ranking but nothing works. I also contacted support but they did not provide any useful help as usual and just pasted a pre build reply.

I will really appreciate your ideas on how i can bring my gigs back to life.


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On 12/2/2022 at 4:03 AM, kanikanoorsathi said:

Always be active on Fiverr

1 hour ago, wordpress_media said:

am always active on Fiverr but no sure what is the reason why it's not coming up!

No. This is false advice. Sellers do NOT need to be online in order to get orders. That's not how Fiverr works.

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