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Finally I got first order from a fiverr select buyer.


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Ohh my gosh, finally I got a order for the first time.But I didn't get enough order now because my impression is gradually decreasing. I think it is due to the spam message which I got enough before from the scammer where they requested by providing their telegram link and texting we are hiring you as ____ in their company. After getting their spam message, I instantly reply them by texting that I don't provide my services on the telegram or in the other source. 

I request fiverr to fix it.

After all, I don't get the genuine buyer though I have years of experience in my work; video editing and creative in my field. 

How to get order from genuine buyer?

Does the SEO of fiverr play an important role for getting order?

Let me know it. I am very passionate to provide my services and show my creativity all the world.

Please Inbox me this forum account. If you want to help me.

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