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How to get fiver gig rank Back ?


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Let’s face the reality here…..

(GIG A) 3 weeks ago: a 2.7 stars review
(GIG B) 1 month ago: another 2.7 stars review
(GIG B) 1 month ago: a 3 stars review
(GIG B) 3 months ago: a 3.3 stars review

Fiverr is a business. Businesses want to earn money.
Fiverr wants happy customers. You disappointed in a short time already 4 buyers. So why should Fiverr put your gigs on top of the search results?  The top of the search results will be for sellers who deliver great work, earn money and keep the buyers happy.

You have a total of 103 reviews. They include:
4 times, a 3-star review
1 time, a 2-star review
5 times, a 1-star review.
This means that 10% of your buyers are not happy with your delivery.

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