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How can I increase my Impression?


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It is a good thing to increase the impressions of your gigs but first, it is more important to achieve impressions that are relevant to your services.

In order to get the right impressions, relevant to your services, you need to create gigs with proper information (title, description, gallery e.t.c.) within the right categories and sub-categories, according to the services you want to provide.

By doing so, you pave a way for relevant impressions to your gigs whereby the right people or buyers looking for services related to yours will be able to find your gigs.

If you have a website, blog or social media accounts related to your services, whereby you already have adequate visitors or followers that are relevant to what you are offering on Fiverr, use those platforms to promote your gigs.


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15 hours ago, delower__boss said:

Active on Fiverr All time...


Staying online does not help you at all.

For sure, staying online did not help your account. Your account was made in January 2022. You received 0 reviews. So you probably have 0 sales realized in 11 months. If your method of “staying online” is not working for you, why should it work for someone else?


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